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"I truly feel that your music captures the heart and the mind."
                           - Stephanie Muschlitz

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​​​Poconos Winter Dulcimer Fest#F2F1E1
Stroudsburg, PA

Gardner Music Winter Festival
​Morgantown, WV

Mountain Dulcimer Workshop
Denver, NC

Acoustic, All-Instrument Workshops
Winter Haven, FL

"Bob's Barn" Workshops
Lake Odessa, MI

Dulci-More Festival 24
​Lisbon, OH

A Day of Unique & Innovative Acoustic Workshops
​Ripley, WV Rescheduled

Dul cimer Funfest
​Evart, MI

Comprehensive Hammered Dulcimer Workshop
​Racine, WI

Innovative & Unique All-Instrument Workshops
​Racine, WI

Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering
Huntingdon, PA

Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival
Milford, CT

Kentucky Music Winter Weekend
Bardstown, KY

Southern Strings Dulcimer Festival
Hattiesburg, MS

Mountain Dulcimer Workshops
Midland, NC

Acoustic All-Instrument Workshops
Geneva, FL

​Dulcimore Festival
Lisbon, OH

New England Dulcimaniacs
​Raynman, MA

Evart DUlcimer Funfest
Evart, MI

GreenFurnace Folk Gathering
Huntingdon, PA

  MOO Music Gathering
 ​East Troy, WI


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​June 9, 2019...............................
We now carry Bob Bedard Hammers by builder Ron Jordan​​


"Brett Ridgeway's music has a gentle, undulating rhythmic flow, and texture that is irresistible.

It is folk music strongly connected to the folk roots and traditions, but it has another dimension altogether: something very enchanting in a subtle way. The rustic, primitive sound of his gourd banjo will ground you, but you'll hear something of the mystic here too. 

Brett's simple, straightforward mountain dulcimer style has just the perfect amount of rhythmic punch and vitality to keep you tapping your foot, and his hammered dulcimer playing is captivating: it is fun to just let this music wash over you. 

There's something very universal in Brett's music. I was watching the audience during one of his recent concerts and they were all so relaxed and entranced! Brett plays like he has nothing to prove. His music is happy to just "be" -- yet there is plenty of heart and soul in the music as well."  ~ Jerry Rockwell