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Brett teaches a variety of lesson styles via a number of settings and media environments, such as Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook lessons, private lessons, group lessons, and more. He teaches Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain Dulcimer, Clawhammer, Minstrel, and Bluegrass Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Bowed Psaltery, and a few others...just ask! If you, your club, organization, or school would be interested in group lessons or forming a String Band Club, please contact Brett for more information.

Video conferencing lessons (e.g., Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook) seem to be the way of the future for indivualized and personal instruction. No longer is travel time, expense, or "bad weather" an issue, and you can still have one-on-one personal lessons in your home. You see exactly what Brett is doing and he sees exactly what you are doing, just as if he were sitting in the same room! He has taught students in Sweden, Hawaii, Texas, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, and California, just to name a few locations!. Time zones are easy to work around since Brett teaches full time. He also offers one free lesson, at no obligation to you whatsoever, to show you just how easy and convenient video conferencing lessons are. To schedule a free lesson, or for more information, contact Brett at [email protected]

  1. Morrison's Jig
    Introduction and a traditional Irish tune for your enjoyment
  2. Old Joe Clark
    A great tune, easy to learn! They say there are 147 verses to this old tune.
  3. Arkansas Traveler
    Clawhammer lesson in Double C tuning: GCGCD
  4. Planxty Irwin - Part 1
    In this video lesson for the traditional Irish tune Planxty Irwin, you will learn not only the simple melody line, but also the chords, chord shapes, arpeggios, techniques, and embellishments that can elevate your playing to a performance-ready piece!
  5. The Salley Garden
    In this video lesson for the traditional Irish tune The Salley Garden, you will learn not only the simple melody line, but also general chords up and down the fretboard as well as movable chords up and down the fretboard. This lesson is suitable for all players at any skill level.
  6. Soldier's Joy
    Another great traditional tune in Double C tuning.
  1. Planxty Irwin - Part 2
  2. Whiskey Before Breakfast
  3. Old Joe Clark
    Clawhammer lesson in standard G tuning: GDGBD
  4. Hawks and Eagles
    A nice "old-timey" tune with lots of easy embellishment choices.
  5. Spotted Pony
  6. Spotted Pony
    Clawhammer Lesson in Double C tuning: GCGCD
  1. Wood Chopper's Reel
  2. Wood Chopper's Reel
    A fun tune that will have you playing up, down, and across your fretboard. Not hard, but a nice workout!
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  4. Coming Soon...
  5. Spotted Pony
  6. Coming Soon...